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Botox helps temporarily to reduce and loose the dynamic wrinkles and lines on the face. Although the effect varies according to the person and the applied area, it lasts for about 4-6 months. It can be applied especially to the forehead, crow's feet lines, between the eyebrows and neck area, as well as to the armpits, palms and soles to reduce sweating. The duration of the procedure is very short and you can go back to normal life immediately. Massage and prone position lying on the same day should be avoided. Its effect starts in a few days and the final result is seen in about 10 days.

Fillers are used especially for the static wrinkles on the face. Over time, sagging and collapses occur with the loss of collagen on the face, loosening of the connective tissues. The purpose of the filler is to fill these pits and lines to add volume and rejuvenate the skin. Fillers can usually originate from hyaluronic acid and sometimes person's own fat tissue can be used for this purpose. Better results are obtained when fillers are combined with other methods. Its effectiveness lasts an average of several years. It is frequently applied to the undereye area, nasolabial line, cheekbones and lips. When applied to the lip area, swelling may occur for a few days and massage is recommended for this purpose.