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Breast augmentation operations are done if the breast tissue is small or asymmetrical due to genetic or structural reasons. It is one of the most frequently performed operations. For this purpose, silicone gel implants in silicone sheaths are used. These implants can be round or drop-shaped and their surfaces can be textured or smooth. The size of implant can be choosen after consultation. The implants can be placed from the inframammarian fold, areola of breast or armpit. It is placed behind the pectoralis chest muscle, the breast tissue or the fascial membrane. The duration of the operation is about 1-2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Usually no drains are used. When the fat transfer methods are used with implants, the results are more natural.

After operation the patient will have a special bra to wear for at least 3 weeks. 80% of the swelling and edema decreases within the first month and it takes 6 months to see the final result. As a complication, capsular contracture (the formation of a thick membrane around the implant), bleeding, loss of sensation can be listed. Postoperative pain is felt depending on the tension of the muscle and painkillers are sufficient for this pain. Regular massage after the operation will help the dissolution of edema. The consultation with your doctor before the operation is important because if lifting is required, the operation should be planned in that way. The results of this operation are satisfactory and contribute to the self-confidence of the person.

After the sagging of breast tissue over time as a result of weight gain and loss or breastfeeding, breast lifting operation is performed to restore the form of the breast. For the planning of the operation, the location of the nipple areola complex is important. If the nipple areola complex is at or below the level of the inframammary fold, breast lift operation is needed. If there is not enough tissue for this operation, implants are also used. Scars can be around the nipple, around the nipple and the upright line downwards (lollipops) or around the nipple and inverted T-shaped. Drains can be used in some cases. The scars that are visible in the early days but will be discolored over time, but may not disappear completely. For this purpose, lasers, scar creams or silicone sheets are used. Scars can be hidden inside the bra. Complications can sometimes include loss of sensation, bleeding, infection and, if an implant is used, capsular contracture. Patients who smoke should stop smoking at least 3 weeks before the operation.
Reducing the overweight breast tissue is named a breast reduction operation. Due to the overweight of the breast, back and neck pain is common and dermatitis may occur under the breast. Depending on the method used, it is called inferior or superior pedicled reduction. Usually drains are used. Complications include loss of sensation, bleeding, infection and tissue loss. Special bras are used for 3 weeks after the operation.